A toile-de-luxe can be a suggestion, a sketch or a blue print. It always is the result of research and experimentation; a search for a different experience based in reality. Driven by the desire to work with silhouettes from daily life, the wardrobe is the starting point to produce understated garments. His toile-de-luxe desires to be a whisper rather than a shout. It is about showing subtleness and detail and a new way of wearing clothes.

His toile-de-luxe shows a color spectrum of black and white, with a splash of fuchsia and mostly involves materials such as wool and cotton. It has strong graphic elements which creates contrast either in black or white. His toile-de-luxe takes its inspiration from classical Japanese fashion traditions, the Western European classical tailored women’s and men’s wear, and from military style as is found in the personal wardrobe of fashion designer Django Tetteroo. All these inspirations are used to create a new way of wearing garments.